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How will you use your Freedom Grill?

Tailgating          Camping            Boating               Picnicking          Other


What best describes you as a griller?

Beginner   Grilling for years   Grillmaster     


How often do you think you will use your Freedom Grill?

2 or more x/week               1x/week              2x/month            1x/month   6x/year                         Less


Would you be interested in other versions of the Freedom Grill?

Larger                 Smaller               Boat                    Charcoal           


What type of vehicle will you use with the Freedom Grill?

Year      Make     Model


How many grills do you own?

What types of events to you tailgate at throughout the year? Check all that apply

NFL Football      NCAA Football   Baseball                     NASCAR     

NBA Basketball  Concerts            High School Sports    Motocross

Favorite Team

Would you like to receive new product information and product updates from Freedom Grill?  Yes                     No

Favorite camping or tailgating food?

Male   Female

Own or rent your home? Own   Rent

How many people in your household?

Age? 12-17   18-24  25-34  35-44  45-54  55+

Education? Graduate degree   College Degree   Some College High School  Some High School

How did you hear about Freedom Grill?

Thank you for your answers.


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